The bistro is the heart of the neighborhood, gathering place


A potholed dirt road winds its way back into the woods off Route 9 in upstate New York. It leads to a brown dilapidated building with sagging, bracken-covered shingles and cracked cement steps. In the studio apartment on the second floor, white coats, aprons and cookbooks are crammed into every inch of space, and there’s not much of it. Partridge Hill Road is where the bleary-eyed student cooks of the Culinary Institute of America nest, and sleep when they can between grueling hours of early morning classes with demanding instructors and late night internships in high pressure kitchens.

DH Shin’s own dream and goal of owning a French restaurant sprouted in that ramshackle housing on this shaded road while he trained in the cuisine, and finally came to fruition with the opening of Perdrix, 16 years later, in May 2019. Directly translated from ‘partridge’, we are named for that road of beginnings.

As a neighborhood bistro, Perdrix reflects the heartbeat of the people who live here. We offer a gathering place to rub elbows and share a glass of wine with friends and family at the end of the work day, or meet up for a warm, hearty meal on the weekend. The bistro caters to the laboror’s soul, providing both social comfort and nourishment for the body.

Perdrix is Oregon City’s premier French restaurant, pleased to open the door to rustic, warmly traditional French fare for our beloved community.


Opening soon...

515 Main St.
Oregon City, OR 97045